Garden Photos

One of the many pleasures of a vegetable garden is wandering around and looking at what’s growing.  Early morning is a nice time to be out but really any time of day is lovely.  Here are some photos Scott took one day last week to share these garden walk experiences.

Rhubarb chard leaves and fennel fronds:

Alcosa Savoy cabbage:

Copra storage onions:

Rudbeckia blooms and bean leaves:

Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert winter squash:

Sibley winter squash, also known as Pike’s Peak:

Winter Luxury pumpkin:

And finally, nasturtiums taking over the garden shed cold frame for the summer:

3 thoughts on “Garden Photos

  1. Having just had the pleasure of a garden walk or two or three this past weekend I can personally attest to the fact that it is more beautiful in person if that seems possible. Scott’s photos are works-of-art themselves, and capture, as closely as any human can, the beauty of this garden. However, to be in it with the fragrance of basil wafting from under its protective cover, or the smell of a tomato in the air or on your hand, and to brush up against the herbs coming and going on the front path, adds a sensory element that cannot be captured in a photo, however scrumptious Scott’s might be. Summer blessings to you both!

  2. You’ve got some interesting squash there – it’s fun to experiment. Everything looks lovely. The texture of the savoy cabbage is amazing. Hope it’s all delicious!

  3. Great photos of the garden! I’m so excited this year to be getting a good crop of acorn squash, my favorite! For some reason though, I have very few butternuts on the vines for the 3rd year in a row, any ideas on why? All my winter squash is planted in the same area, do you think this is causing a problem? You’ve convinced me to plant some fava beans in a bed where I’ve harvested some onions. Thanks for the tip on the variety. I sent out your website info to an email list of the Lopez Garden Club and heard back from a number of people how wonderful they think it is! Hope they left comments with you also! Am loving the rain today probably as much as the garden it!

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