Update: Lopez Lamb, Wool, and Goat Festival!

The Lopez Lamb, Wool, and Goat Festival, Saturday, May 12th, is less than a week away and the weather forecast is for a beautiful day.  I’ve just heard from the festival organizers with these updates on events to enjoy throughout the day:

• The Art of Meat-cutting with Russell Flint from Rain Shadow Meats in Seattle will take place on the south patio at about 11 a.m. and again in the mid-afternoon

• Making Cheese in the Home Kitchen:  Mozzarella with Teri Linneman, Lopez master cheese-maker, will take place in the meeting room between noon and 1 pm

• Back-packing with Goats with Bruce Dunlop and Debbie Young will take place outside in the early afternoon

• Sheep-shearing, sheep dog demonstrations, displays of fiber and dairy goats and various breeds of sheep (along with their kids and lambs) will take place throughout the day

• Scavenger hunt for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 (more or less) will happen between 11 am and 1 pm; check in with Jennifer Armstrong at her felting and fiber arts booth (Quirk Farm Art) at 11 am

•  Hands-on demonstrations of carding, spinning, dyeing, weaving on different types of looms, and felting will be happening throughout the day inside the Community Center

• Lopez Farm-to-School Program students will sell of seed packets and tomato starts

• Food options available during the day:  Donna will be firing up her cob oven and providing pizza in new and delicious ways, including a dessert pizza; Grant Silvey will be there with his hand-ground corn quesadillas; Nella Burt, at the Soda Fountain across the road, will be grilling lamb burgers; the 4-H Goat Club will have a variety of natural juices and other beverages available.

• Food option for a lovely dinner: there are a few tickets left for Christina Orchid’s dinner featuring Lopez Lamb and organic produce.

• Stay tuned to this linked web page for a specific schedule of events, including the time of the sheep drive through the village on Friday, May 11th.  And read more about the Festival in this post: https://lopezislandkitchengardens.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/lopez-lamb-wool-and-goat-festival/

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